Cancer Genetic Testing

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Discovering your genetic predisposition to cancer can be a powerful tool in your healthcare journey.

At Premier Hematology, we offer advanced genetic testing services tailored to your unique needs, providing invaluable insights into your cancer risk and personalized treatment options.

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Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk

Supported by the latest technology, our specially trained genetics specialist is able to identify those who are at high-risk. Individuals can be referred for consultation and genetic testing or receive guidance to make lifestyle changes or explore other preventive options to reduce future risk.

Next Generation Sequencing Clinical Testing

NGS testing allows geneticists to detect mutations in hundreds of different genes simultaneously, giving a more unique understanding of each patient’s individual diagnosis. Our state-of-the-art Laboratory is equipped to provide NGS clinical testing on solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

Looking at the whole picture

Cancer Consultation:
What to Expect?

Your personal and family cancer history will be reviewed, including type(s) of cancer and age(s) at diagnosis. Based on this information, a genetics professional will evaluate your risk of inherited cancer and discuss available genetic testing.

In a visit referred to as a genetic counseling session, they will discuss the benefits and considerations to help you decide if genetic testing is right for you. Topics covered in the discussion include:

  • The process for ordering a cancer DNA test
  • Insurance coverage
  • Confidentiality
  • The emotional impact of the information on you and your family
  • Medical management options based on your family history and/or genetic test results.